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October on Patreon will continue with...

2016-10-14 03:49:31 by StudioPirrate

DODGER (PressHeartToContinue) - Vaginal - EggLaying - Spiders/Ovipositors - Rape as the $3 color picture.

The Narrative picture is won by CS with the following plot:

Crisis on infinite Harleys: Classic (Jester Costume) Harley Quinn and her gang showing her alt-dimension counterparts (Arkham Asylum Harley and Suicide Squad Harley) just how displeased she is with their costume decisions.

The Comic Strip is won by Pantboy678 with the following story:

With the burning legion’s invasion fully underway they are getting a lot of captives in for breeding purposes.
The draenei are especially coveted for daring to reject the demonic powers.

a fresh group of draenei has just been locked into the breeding stocks hearing screaming of other captives all around them.  Awaiting their partners, each of them knowing that before the day is done they will have been ravaged by dozens of demons each to leave nothing to chance and ensure fertilization.

What will their fate be.  A ravenous pack of lowly felhounds? A group of burly wrathguards?  Or maybe they will be ‘lucky’ and an esteemed pitlord will take notice of them. Let’s hope the stocks hold…

Have fun my friends, and feel to join the fun-wagon ;)


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